December Photographer’s Contest


What an inquisitive look this little one is giving us! The colors are so vibrant in this photograph.  Perfect use of light and a perfect example of the unique style of Bella Baby Photography.  Emily Delamater of Maine wins first place for December’s Bella Life contest. Emily has dazzled us with a truly spectacular piece of art.


Congratulations to Briana Elledge of Florida. She is awarded first place for the Bella Baby portion of December’s contest. We love how peaceful and delicate this beautiful baby looks!  Great job, Briana, on capturing the gentleness and innocence of this precious newborn.


Sealed with a kiss.  Anna Jones wins second place for the Bella Baby contest. This is a brilliant photo– from the gentleness of the baby’s hand touching dad’s finger, to the loving way this proud father is holding his new arrival.

To view all of December’s entries, click here and enter the password “contest”.

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