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However, newborns aren't the only subject we love to photograph.

Using a photojournalistic/magazine-style approach to photography, our photographers can come to your home

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For the Love of Money

For the Love of Money

By Robyn Wright/ Personal & Relationship Life Coach

I have a theory.  This is it: if you grew up in a household that didn’t talk about sex, chances are nobody talked about money either. True?  Intimate subjects: sex and money.

Seriously.  How many parents tell their kids how wonderful, thrilling, life-giving, and energizing…money….can be?  Yep.  Intimate subjects: sex and money.

No, for most of us, we grow up learning about money from our friends, from what we see on TV and in the movies, and from what we read in magazines. For most, we learn by trial and error…especially the heart-breaking, and oft-regretted error.  Sometimes many errors. You may be laughing because it sounds like sex doesn’t it? Intimate subjects: sex and money.

How is it that the accumulation, lack, lust, worship, fear, spending, and saving of money consumes so much of our lives?  How is it that many of us find ourselves acting as though we are in some kind of complicated relationship with money?  Because we are.

So if money is a relationship, what’s yours like?  Co-dependent? Abusive? Distant? Clingy? Harmonious? Healthy?  Do you worry about it?

Ah… worry.  That terrible feeling in your gut.  The thing that wakes you up from a decent night’s sleep.  That spinning in your head that makes you a victim of vertigo.  How sad that it doesn’t pay the bills.

The truth is this: worrying about money, like worrying about anything, actually repels rather than attracts prosperity.  What you focus on expands.  And when the focus is on lack (of money), you experience more of it.

So in this time of seeming abundance (as you watch your checking account go down, or your credit card bills go up), what’s your focus?  If you would like to do something other than worry about money, what will it be?


That’s right: love.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Love attracts.  Love is creative.  If you create a loving relationship with money, you are on your way to attracting more of it into your life.  Here’s how:

The next time you catch yourself dwelling on all you do not have, quietly and lovingly invite yourself to focus attention on all you do enjoy.  As you make this a private or public habit, appreciating and affirming your abundance will turn the worry into Wonder.

Worry is not a present-tense emotion.  It is a negative projection of the future.  Will there be enough?  Where will it come from?  How long will it last?

Wonder is a powerful, in-the-moment energy.  I wonder how I can create money today?

What a difference in focus when we put our attention on creation rather than neediness. What a difference the feeling of wonder has in your body compared to worry.  Wow!  Transforming the… What will (worry) I do?…to… What can (wonder) I do?… fuels the creative spark in every human being and leads to prosperity on all levels.

If you have little money at this time, you are being provided with opportunities to learn how to handle money well while affirming abundance in the present. You may be receiving valuable lessons on how to keep life simple, see the worth in family time, the pleasure of friendship, or the joy of generosity.

If you have an over-flow of money at this time, you are being provided with opportunities to learn how to handle money well while affirming abundance in the present.  You may be receiving valuable lessons on how to keep life simple, see the worth in family time, the pleasure of friendship, or the joy of generosity.

Valuable lessons: no matter the balance in our savings account or what TV we can afford.

And as in all relationships, we have a choice to acknowledge and receive the ever-expansiveness love can afford, or we can choose to block the flow with fear.  Money is like the Man, Woman, Child, Friend, Mother in our life.  We can lovingly cherish, support, create with, and be grateful for money.  Or we can recklessly consume, shrink from, dismiss, and devalue our relationship with it.

Gunilla Norris beautifully writes in, Being Home, “Guard me against the arrogance of privilege, against the indulgence of feeling that I don’t have enough, and the poverty of spirit that refuses to acknowledge what is daily given to me.”

In this season of remembering great Love, here’s an invitation to infuse all your relationships, even Money, with the wonderful, thrilling, life-giving, and energizing power of….Love.

Robyn Wright/ Personal & Relationship Life Coach /www.something-more.com

©   6 December 2010

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