January Photographer Contest


Congratulations to Melissa Leeper (Michigan) on receiving first place for January’s Bella Life contest! Melissa captured the natural beauty of this darling little girl.  She provided this family with a very elegant portrait!



Because our photographers make it so hard to choose, we have a tie for Bella Life’s first place winner! Carol DeAnda (Glenview, IL) did a perfect job using natural light and making the photo so beautiful. Look at those little lips and those cuddly, baby rolls. One example of the precious moments that Bella Life aims to photograph.



It’s amazing how one picture can say so many things. You can feel the pride, joy and love that dad already has for his most prized possession. Allison Roen (Iowa) exhibits true Bella Baby talent in the unique composition of this photo. For that she takes first place for the Bella Baby portion of January’s contest!



The love and trust that your baby gives you is priceless. They grow up so fast, but with this photo, the family will always remember his tiny face. Second place winner, Lauri Tripaldi (Pennsylvania) did a great job making this shot look so serene.

First place winners receive a $75 gift certificate to the location of their choice. Second place winners receive a $50 gift certificate. To view all of December’s entries, click here and enter the password “contest”.

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