October Photographer’s Contest


Now is this not the cutest thing ever?!  This doll baby looks hungry. Aubrey Bence (Ohio) wins first place for October’s Bella Life contest. Perfect timing for Aubrey who just became a mommy herself. Congratulations on the new little one and the win!



Abigail Junge of Chicago was the photographer for our Bella Baby first place winner. We are sure mom was pleased to have such a beautiful memento of her little angels.  Gorgeous work, Abigail.



Uh oh, more double trouble! Big sister’s face reads somewhere along the lines of “You’re kidding me, right?” 🙂 Bella Baby loves to be there to capture moments like these! Congratulations Stacey Dennin (Pennsylvania)! She is awarded second place.


bella school


We are proud to announce a new portion of our monthly contest… Bella Life at School! Emily Hernandez (Chicago) did great work photographing this little girl and wins first place. She will receive a $75 gift certificate to the location of her choice. Congrats, Emily!

Bella Life at School captures the REAL spirit and beauty of your child at school, using natural window light, and experienced free-lance photographers with professional grade equipment.  We use upholstered chairs, rugs and blankets for use in photographs to turn your child’s school picture day into a mini professional photo shoot…producing images of heirloom quality.  In addition to photographing each student individually, we offer the service of photographing siblings together.  This allows for our clients to use those photos for holiday cards, family gifts, and home portraits.  For more information on how to bring Bella Life…at school to your educational facility, please call 888-455-7826.

To view all of our contest entries, go to www.bellababyphotography.com/login and enter password “october”.

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