April 2024 Contest Winners

Storms and warmer weather brought a variety of lighting situations for our photographers in the month of April.

We loved seeing the beautiful work our teams brought to the table this month, from light and airy to dramatic and moody. Click on the video below to view all the talent, and read on to see what some of the winners said about their images.

A resounding congratulations to the April 2024 contest winners!!

In their own words:

Allison Carpenter received 1st place in the Bella Baby (in-hospital) contest. Here’s what she said about her image: “I saw that mom and dad had started taking insta pictures…as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to incorporate them into the photo. The snap shots they had started as soon as they got to the hospital to begin their delivery process. It was magical!”

“Those pose is calming to both parents and baby…It is my go to pose for when parents want to be included in the session just not their faces,” said Veronica Rice. Veronica received 2nd place in the Bella Baby contest.

Are you expecting? Learn more about the Bella Baby process and find out if our services are available in a hospital near you.