Bella Baby Loves Nurses

With everything going on this past year, those of us who are not nurses will never be able to fully understand all of the sacrifices they have made. This is why Bella Baby Photography celebrates nurses not just for National Nurses Appreciation Week, but every day!

The importance of nurses in a newborn’s first few days of life really cannot be overstated. Along with serving new mothers during and after the exhausting birthing process, nurses are also some of the first people to hold, bathe, help feed, and care for newborns.

At Bella Baby Photography, we love working closely with nurses. We know first-hand just how important they are.

We can’t even begin to list the number of ways we have seen nurses jump through hoops. They take amazing care of their patients. For everything they do, Bella Baby Photography thanks all nurses! They sacrifice and work tirelessly every single day to help people in more ways than we can count.