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Spring Bucket List: 15 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!

Spring Bucket List: 15 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!

Spring is almost here and we can’t wait for the warmer weather. We love a cozy day spent indoors watching movies and playing board games, but by the end of the winter, we’re itching to spend more time outside enjoying nature. For those of you who live somewhere with year-round sunshine – we’re jealous!

Spring Bucket List: 15 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!

Here are 15 of our favorite springtime activities that the entire family can enjoy together:

Have a picnic. Pack yours and your kids’ favorite snacks, sunscreen, and blankets and head to a local park. Bring along a game or two for a day of outdoor fun.

Plant something. Get the whole family to try their hands at gardening. Plant flowers in your garden, in a pot, or at a local community garden. Or grow your favorite fruit or veggie then share in a sense of accomplishment when you include homegrown produce as ingredients in family dinner.

Go on a nature hike. Whether you live near the beach or mountains, you can always find somewhere new to explore.

Do some spring cleaning. We know what you’re thinking – that’s not a fun family activity! But it can be if you make a game out of it. Have kids fill up a bag with items to donate then reward them with a trip to get ice cream or their favorite restaurant. Check out this blog post for more info: Chores to do with Toddlers and How to Keep Your Sanity

Take your craft outside. Choose a craft from this list that the whole family can partake in. Bringing the supplies outside makes clean up easier!

Visit a farmer’s market. Choose ingredients for lunch then let kids help with the cooking.

Fly a kite. This old-school activity is perfect for a breezy day.

Ride a bike or learn how! (Don’t forget the helmets.)

Draw with chalk. Just a few sticks of colorful chalk can lead to hours of outdoor fun. Decorate the sidewalk or draw hopscotch in the driveway for added exercise.

Make a lemonade stand. Here’s an opportunity to teach your kids some business basics.

Try a new ice cream shop or make your own ice cream.

Go on an Easter egg hunt.  Create your own or find one that’s put on in your neighborhood.

Feed the ducks at a nearby lake or pond.

Learn a new sport or activity. Baseball, rollerblading, mini golf? The options are endless.

Spring Bucket List: 15 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!Take family photos! Find the prettiest spring foliage and have fun getting the family dressed up for photos. Find a Bella Baby Photographer near you to capture the moment.

5 Spring Activities for the Entire Family

5 Spring Activities for the Entire Family

Spring is right around the corner – finally! Towards the end of winter, kids get antsy after staying indoors for too long. Snow days can be fun, but we long for sunshine and warmth and shedding bulky winter coats.

It’s time to get outside and spend quality time together. Read on for five activities for the whole family to enjoy together.

5 Spring Activities for the Entire Family

5 Fun Spring Activities:

  1. Picnic

On a warm day, take the opportunity enjoy lunch outdoors. Pack a basket full of your family’s favorite foods, then head to a nearby park or even just your own backyard. Bring along a blanket, chairs, and maybe some toys or games to play. Don’t forget the sunscreen – skin is particularly fragile after long winters.

  1. Paint pottery

Take the family to a DIY pottery painting studio. Let your kid choose a piece to paint such as a piggy bank or plate. Adults will enjoy channeling their inner artist too. Most people find it relaxing. The best part is that the mess won’t be in your house.

  1. Treasure hunt

Go on an outdoor treasure hunt with Geocache – or create your own if you’re feeling crafty. Use your phone to find a nearby location where other people have hidden objects in a container. Ask your kids to find a small toy in their room that they wouldn’t mind giving up – you’re supposed to replace an item that you find at a Geocache location. This is a great way to get some exercise and explore your own neighborhood.

5 Spring Activities for the Entire Family

  1. Go to the zoo

Most cities have a zoo nearby and this is always a favorite day trip for both kids and adults. You won’t have to do much besides walking around with your very excited kiddo. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

  1. Have a movie night

Relax and watch a movie after an active day outdoors. Having a movie night at home is simple, but always fun for all. Plus it’s budget-friendly. Choose a family-friendly film, pop some popcorn, and have everyone get cozy in their PJs.

What are your favorite spring activities? Let us know!

5 Spring Activities for the Entire Family

We’re excited to announce our Spring Contest!

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Seven steps to preparing your child for siblinghood

Seven Steps to Preparing Your Child for Siblinghood

In many ways, pregnancy is easier the second (or third, or fifth) time around. You have a general idea of what to expect with each new trimester. Symptoms become familiar, albeit annoying, acquaintances. There are nuances with each pregnancy, but the process as a whole feels more routine.

You’re confident in your ability to give birth to and care for a child. However, there’s another factor to consider: the child(ren) who will be thrust into the role of older sibling. That transition poses difficulties for everyone involved. Children wonder about the attention and affection they’ll receive after the new baby is born. Parents worry about balancing the demands of an infant with the needs of their other children. Thankfully, a little bit of preparation goes a long way. 

Seven Steps to Preparing Your Child for Siblinghood

Follow these seven steps to prepare your child to be a big brother or sister

  1. Empower your child

Having even one child is a lot of work, and parental obligations increase with the number of children. Spend your pregnancy empowering your child in his or her development. Increased independence means less oversight on your part and greater confidence for your child. Empowerment looks different at every age. At age three, it’s being potty trained. At age six, it’s knowing how to tie your shoes. Set goals to work towards as a family over the course of the pregnancy. Your child will feel supported and cherished as they enter a new stage of family life.

  1. Involve your child

There are plenty of decisions to be made when preparing for a new baby. Whenever possible, invite your child into the process. This will help them step into their role as big brother or big sister. Let your little one pick out a few toys or outfits to add to your baby registry. Ask them if there are any toys they’d like to pass down to their new sibling. You can even put them in charge of decorating the nursery for the new baby’s arrival. Spend family time making cards, paper chains, or any other decorations your child imagines.

  1. Speak with your child

The new baby should be a topic of conversation with your family, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you discuss. Share age appropriate updates about your pregnancy. This could include showing the ultrasound or offering an opportunity to feel the new baby kick. It is also to give an idea of the timeline of when you’ll give birth. You might tell a younger child, “The baby will be born near the time when the leaves change colors.” An older child might be more curious about the intricacies of pregnancy.  Follow your child’s lead. Some children will want to talk about their new sibling regularly while others will lack interest. Talking about the baby constantly plants seeds of jealousy that can be made manifest after the baby comes home.

  1. Explore with your child

If you have a child who is very interested in the progress of the pregnancy or the prospect of being a big brother or sister, take the opportunity to explore those concepts with your child. There are several resources that prepare and educate in an age-appropriate manner. Use them to spark a deeper conversation with your child.

  1. Level set with your child

Your child may or may not have had interactions with other babies, and their idea of being an older sibling might be skewed. Level set with your child about what new babies actually do. Explain that the baby will be growing and changing quickly. This means that the baby has to do a lot of eating and sleeping so it can grow big and strong. Make sure your child understands that the baby won’t be able to play in the same way that he or she can. As a big sister or brother, it will be their job to meet their new sibling at his or her level.

  1. Introduce your child

It’s easy to overlook planning the logistics of the first introduction to the new baby. Depending on the nature of the pregnancy, you may opt to bring your little one to the hospital to say their first hellos. Try to split your focus between the newborn and the older sibling during the introduction. Share the baby’s name and highlight his or her newborn abilities. Then tell the big brother or sister how excited you are for them to step into this role. Make your love for them very clear, as they may be feeling a little hesitant after seeing their new sibling in the flesh.

  1. Set expectations for your child

Once your newborn comes home, it’s time to set expectations for the older sibling. Ask them what they think it means to be an older sibling and continue the conversation from there. Establish simple guidelines like playing only quiet games while the new baby naps or telling a parent when they’re feeling a little left out. These rules will help your child enjoy being a big brother or sister and aid in avoiding familial meltdowns.

After following these seven steps, you should be well on your way to preparing your child for the presence of a new baby. What tips or tricks would you add? Share them in the comments below.