Spring Bucket List: 15 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!

Spring is almost here and we can’t wait for the warmer weather. We love a cozy day spent indoors watching movies and playing board games, but by the end of the winter, we’re itching to spend more time outside enjoying nature. For those of you who live somewhere with year-round sunshine – we’re jealous!

Spring Bucket List: 15 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!

Here are 15 of our favorite springtime activities that the entire family can enjoy together:

Have a picnic. Pack yours and your kids’ favorite snacks, sunscreen, and blankets and head to a local park. Bring along a game or two for a day of outdoor fun.

Plant something. Get the whole family to try their hands at gardening. Plant flowers in your garden, in a pot, or at a local community garden. Or grow your favorite fruit or veggie then share in a sense of accomplishment when you include homegrown produce as ingredients in family dinner.

Go on a nature hike. Whether you live near the beach or mountains, you can always find somewhere new to explore.

Do some spring cleaning. We know what you’re thinking – that’s not a fun family activity! But it can be if you make a game out of it. Have kids fill up a bag with items to donate then reward them with a trip to get ice cream or their favorite restaurant. Check out this blog post for more info: Chores to do with Toddlers and How to Keep Your Sanity

Take your craft outside. Choose a craft from this list that the whole family can partake in. Bringing the supplies outside makes clean up easier!

Visit a farmer’s market. Choose ingredients for lunch then let kids help with the cooking.

Fly a kite. This old-school activity is perfect for a breezy day.

Ride a bike or learn how! (Don’t forget the helmets.)

Draw with chalk. Just a few sticks of colorful chalk can lead to hours of outdoor fun. Decorate the sidewalk or draw hopscotch in the driveway for added exercise.

Make a lemonade stand. Here’s an opportunity to teach your kids some business basics.

Try a new ice cream shop or make your own ice cream.

Go on an Easter egg hunt.  Create your own or find one that’s put on in your neighborhood.

Feed the ducks at a nearby lake or pond.

Learn a new sport or activity. Baseball, rollerblading, mini golf? The options are endless.

Spring Bucket List: 15 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!Take family photos! Find the prettiest spring foliage and have fun getting the family dressed up for photos. Find a Bella Baby Photographer near you to capture the moment.