March 2013 Photographer Contest!

It’s that time again….  The Bella monthly contest post is a great place not only to see what amazing things our photographers are doing but also to gain some inspiration for your own work!  We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and get bored with our own routine.  Never hesitate to try out something another photographer has done; In the photography world, this is not stealing an idea.  It is taking something and making it your own!

On to our winners…..

For Bella Life this month 1st PLACE goes to Lauren Kennedy; 1st row [Washington] and 2nd PLACE goes to Mary Kalhor; 2nd row [Washington].  Honorable Mention is awarded to Carol DeAnda; 3rd row [Illinois].


Mary Kalhor-2


Going through all of the contest entries each month, It’s fun to think of the families’ reactions when they see their pictures for the first time.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all shared a few happy tears with a client at one point or another:)

First place winners receive a $75 gift card and second place winners receive a $50 gift card.

For our Bella Baby category this month, April Stanley; 1st row [Alabama] takes 1st PLACE.  What beautifully modeled light and shot from an angle you don’t see everyday!  2nd PLACE goes to Amber Yoshida; 2nd row [Kansas City].  We love the deliberate placement of baby and the linear movement through the composition.  Awesome work girls!   And last but certainly not least…  our HONORABLE MENTIONS: Vicky Ras [Illinois] 3rd row, Taylor Alsdorf [Illinois] 4th row, Stephanie Mazanowski [Illinois] 5th row, Paige Willis [Illinois] 6th row, Lauren Kennedy [Washington] 7h row, Joanna Moss [Montana] 8th row, Jessica Miller [Pennsylvania] 9th row, Christine Gauthier, [Connecticut] 10th row, and Ania Scheiman [Illinois] 11th row.




Taylor Alsdorf-HM








First place winners receive a $75 gift card and second place winners receive a $50 gift card.

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