November 2011 Photographer Contest

1 Riette Kruger

Congratulations to Bella Life 1st place winner, Riette Kruger (Virginia)!


2 karen obrist

Second place goes to Washington‘s own,¬†Karen Obrist!


H Summer West H Jillian Rodriguez

Here are some more great shots from Bella Babes– [left to right] Summer West (Chicago) and Jillian Rodriguez (Chicago).


1 Abigail Junge

Abigail Junge (Chicago) is Bella Baby’s first place winner!


2 Monica Cisneros

Congratulations to second place winner, Monica Cisneros (Chicago).


H stacy zacharias H kimberli nelson
Lots of proud daddies! Honorable mentions go to: [left to right] Stacy Zacharias (Iowa) and Kimberli Nelson (Chicago).

First place winners receive a $75 gift card and second place winners receive a $50 gift card.

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