Regional Leaders Gather for Training & Team Building

Our Area Managers gather in Naperville, Illinois, every year for team building and training.

For our 2024 meeting, we also included the Human Resources team of Talent Acquisition and Compliance, our new Training Manager Amber Ingraham, and Claudia Crawford, Director of Customer Service. As a remote-based company, it’s important to bring everyone together once a year to gain insight into each other’s roles, discuss successes, identify areas for improvement, and strengthen relationships.

  • Bella Baby area managers and leaders attend a training session.
  • Bella Baby leadership poses for a photo after a team building exercise at a laser tag arena.

We believe this year was our most successful gathering yet!

At Bella Baby, we value a growth mindset, and our team always strives to improve and support one another. We also enjoy some friendly competition! After our training sessions, we played laser tag and sang karaoke. We had a great time bonding and having fun. Our time together is filled with important discussions, connections, and bonding. Don’t just take it from us, see what our leaders had to say about this year’s “Bella Fest.”

Why is Bella Fest important to you?

“Bella Fest is a fantastic way for every department to connect and unite our vision for Bella Baby. Each year, we come together in-person to collaborate and focus on our mission. This special event transforms our challenges into opportunities and empowerment. Through continuous growth and change, we bring joy to the families we serve, year after year.” – Amber Ingraham, Training Manager

“Bella fest is something that I look forward to every year. It’s always a lot of fun & really beneficial for the team to get together & talk about things so much more deeply than we do over weekly Zoom meetings. After every run we all feel refreshed, energized & ready to bring our takeaways back to our teams to  be able to continue to grow & empower them together & as individuals.” – Amanda Miller, Colorado Area Manager

“Nothing replaces face to face interactions, and as a company that operates primarily remotely, Bella Fest provides the vital opportunity to engage with our team in person.  I firmly believe that the teams who play together, can also do the best work together! My mindset was challenged as we collaborated on solutions and workshopped new approaches and processes. It is inspiring to hear ways others are doing the same day to day job as me, and getting the desired results. I came back motivated to try new things especially around goal setting and accountability with my team.”  -Jenn Baumgartner, Central IL & IA Area Manager

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