September 2012 Photographer Contest!

Congratulations to all of our September photographer contest winners!

Our Bella Life photographers have WOWED us again!  Congratulations to all of the September winners!

1st Place is awarded to Karen Obrist of Washington [top].  What a creative point of view she shot from for this family shot.  2nd Place goes to Amy Romberg of Illinois [bottom] for capturing mom and dad adoring their little handsome guy, all smiles!



Honorable mentions this month go to Carol DeAnda [Illinois] top left, Nathania tenWolde [Washingon] top right, and Laura Manzano [Illnois] bottom left.

CarolDeAnda-HM Nathania tenWolde-HM


First place winners receive a $75 gift card and second place winners receive a $50 gift card.

It was a tough call for September Bella Baby entries!  1st Place goes to Laura Coleman [Iowa]; left, for capturing such a unique shot of this tiny one.  Love all the little details and the flowing lines to the composition.  Beautiful!  Janet Amis [Illinois]; right, takes 2nd Place for her shot of dad and baby.  Such stunning light!  Great work girls!

Laura Coleman-1 Janet Amis-2

And as always, many more that cannot go without mention…

Stephanie Lindsey [Pennsylvania] top left, Sandra Arriaga [Illinois] top right, Lauren Kennedy [Washington] 2nd row left, Kimberly Stotlar [Illinois] 2nd row right,  Julie Renner [Dallas] 3rd row left, Karen Wilcox [Washington] 3rd row right, Carol DeAnda [Illinois] 4th row left, April Stanley [Alalbama] 4th row right, and Amanda Meixsell [North Carolina] bottom.


Stephenie Lindsay-HM Sandra Arriaga-HM

LaurenKennedy-HM kimberlystotlar-HM

julierenner-HM KarinWilcox-HM

CarolDeAnda-HM AprilStanley-HM


First place winners receive a $75 gift card and second place winners receive a $50 gift card.

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