“Stay away from Dr. Google” and more tips for new moms

Being a new mom is one of the most incredible and one of the most challenging experiences women will encounter. And like with most change there is a learning curve.

Last month, we sourced advice for new moms from our wonderful community of Bella Baby Super Moms. We were thrilled to see the large amount of advice that poured in. We hope this post will prepare you for the ‘unknowns’ and support your amazing new mom journey.

Are you expecting? Here are some of our Super Moms’ tips and sweet advice that may just come in handy.  

Accept help.

“Don’t plan on being SuperMom. You cannot get all the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and other housework done every day.” – Sara H

“Take help when it’s offered!! It’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to be supermom when you’re new to the game! Talk to your doctors, not Google!” – Britni K

“Don’t worry about being a super momma / wife. Get what you can get done each day …cleaning etc. and enjoy the time you have with your little one! Don’t worry about being nervous. You and your baby are going through lots of firsts – you will get comfortable and feel like a pro in time. Also, I would have liked a lesson on bathing a baby before leaving the hospital. I was so nervous the first time.” – Kristen A

“Don’t feel guilty for accepting help with meals, cleaning, etc. Try to take in all the precious moments you can with your baby!” – Erin T

“Take help from people you enjoy being around. Don’t feel like you need to please everyone, take some time to sleep but most of all, enjoy your baby and hold them as much as you want.” – Erin O

“I wish I knew how isolating it can be and that it is okay to ask for help in the form of a meal, a load of laundry, or even just a conversation.” – Macy H

“Asking for help or for someone to watch the baby for a few minutes doesn’t make you a bad mom! No one goes into motherhood knowing exactly what they’re doing!” – Emily H

“Don’t worry about the house being cleaned or laundry being done….that can all be done when the baby sleeps. Enjoy the newborn stage while you can because before you know it that baby will be a toddler and won’t want to snuggle quite as much as they once did.” – Jessica G


“Stay away from Dr. Google” and more tips for new moms

“Listen when everyone tells you to nap while the baby naps.” – Jessica R

“The sleep deprivation doesn’t last forever.” – Patti B

“Nothing is forever! They baby WILL sleep at some point!” – Shari D

“When you manage to put your baby down to sleep during daytime, don’t keep your surroundings quiet. Let the usual noises go on – usual talks, music playing in the background, washing machine spinning, traffic noises, etc. Your baby is used to all these noises while in the womb so let it be same. Just make sure the noises aren’t too loud to disrupt your angel’s sleep.” – Danielle K

“White noise machines! I didn’t use one until my second baby. I had one with my first baby but had it in super low volume. I’m still kicking myself over that.” – Marisol M


“I wish I knew more about breastfeeding BEFORE the baby arrived. It’s such a time-sensitive experience; knowing more beforehand would have been really helpful. When the baby arrives, you’re exhausted and have so much going on. It’s all so overwhelming. Hopefully, next time around it will be more successful! For now we EP and baby gets fed.” – Susanna G

“I wish I knew that breastfeeding wasn’t easy at all. But it’s well worth it.” – Bree C

“When you breastfeed or bottle feed the baby, try to keep him almost like standing position to prevent vomiting after.” – RaWaa H

Stay away from Dr. Google.

“Stay away from Dr. Google, take everything you see of those perfect Instagram moms lightly (seriously whose house is that clean?!) and tread carefully through Pinterest. You do you, new momma. You are made for your little. I’m still new and still telling myself this daily.” – Sarah K

Time flies.

“Take your time taking in all the info. Enjoy your baby, take help when it’s offered, and don’t rush the process..they grow up fast.” – LaToya W

“Make a journal for your baby. Record things like first smile and even first doctor’s visit because you’re so busy trying to do everything. In 18 years, you can sit down and look back at your journey and how time really does go by fast. Take every day as a new day – learn as you go.” – Tina H

“Stay away from Dr. Google” and more tips for new moms

Go with your gut.

“Everyone will give you advice on everything! Go with your gut. Do what is right for you and your baby.” – Phuong P

“I wish I knew how to better stand up for my daughter and ask more questions at her first peds appointment. She lost a few ounces (she was 9lbs 8oz at birth) and they had us force feeding her way more than she could eat. She was throwing up most meals and because everyone was so worried about weight numbers, stress levels go up and milk production went down to almost nothing. Here we are 9 weeks later (her weighing 12lbs 2oz) and I’m still struggling with production. All that to say… Mommas, stand up for your babies and ask ALL the questions you can because you are advocating for your kiddo.” – Shobai R

It’s not all happy.

“I wish I would have known more about life in the NICU. We spent 81 days in. All the ads show happy baby placed on mom’s chest. Not everyone gets that. I had emergency C-Section and my 29 weeker got an incubator and IV. I got ICU for 2 days and didn’t get to see her for 48 hours then couldn’t hold her for 8 days, then got sick and was banned from NICU for 2 weeks. I wish I knew that it is not always a happy moment after birth; sometimes it’s just sad and hard.” – Gabrielle M

“I wish someone had had a REAL conversation with me about postpartum depression. Not just the way they mention it and brush it off in the classes – a real, honest, raw, true talk. I think that would have been helped me feel less alone and unprepared when it happened.” – Jenny G

“Make time for yourself…even if it’s a hot bath or a coffee run. Mom’s mental health is very important!” -Lynne W

Even more advice…

“Don’t put leather moccasins on your baby without socks especially on a hot day! The friction from the leather can hurt your babies ankles!” – Jamie A

“Prep freezer meals!” – Janelle R

“Expensive baby items don’t mean better baby products.” – @mustanghope08  on Twitter

“Stay away from Dr. Google” and more tips for new moms

“I wish I didn’t underestimate how many diapers were actually needed.” – Mel Y

“Burp that baby! The littlest air bubbles can mean the difference between a nap and a very fussy little one.” – Pablo H

“I wish I didnt stock up on so many adorable small baby clothes! They grow way too fast – we didn’t touch half of them.” – Jenna-Lin B

“Always be prepared! Have extra clothes, plenty of diapers, wipes, etc at all times! Especially when potty training time comes!” – Connie M

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