Photographer: Natalie O’Donnell

So, you’ve come home with your new baby and the holidays are right around the corner. If you are a planner, you may have already done all of your shopping. To those women, the super organized, be sure to help a friend because you rock! We are in awe!

However, you may be like many of us and haven’t started to think about how you will get it all done. And, panic may even set in when you add your complete change of life with a new baby at home.

We want to help make this season what it should be. Perhaps consider starting a new tradition rather than stressing about what to cook, where to shop, or what to get grandma.

Here are a few tips and ideas that can make this holiday season more about family, time together, and true holiday cheer:

Remember it is OKAY to say no. Saying no to things you don’t want to do is saying yes to yourself. It’s hard, we know. We get that feeling of guilt, but it’s time to let that go! Give yourself permission to miss one year of traveling and curl up by a fire at home instead, if that is what you want to do. Sounds wonderful, right?

Don’t feel like you have to cook! We all know food is important at the holidays; it’s the center of your gatherings. Thankfully, it still can be but without all the fuss. You can order everything you need for a holiday meal and even do it online! Late-night feedings can be the perfect time to order online. The house is quiet, the baby is feeding, and our iPad is our new best friend! Grocery stores, bakeries, and restaurants can all be great places to get your family feast.

For those of you who still need to shop for presents, no worries! The Amazon gift finder is amazing and you can have the gifts wrapped and delivered right to their doorstep. You can easily get the best gift ideas for everyone. Amazon Prime is king of the world for all of us, procrastinators!

Here are some fun ideas for staying in with your family throughout your holidays.
 Have a holiday movie night – or maybe a movie night for each family member
 Make a video of your family to send to relatives who live far away
 Buy matching pajamas and schedule a fun photoshoot
Read a favorite holiday story or two
 Have a house decorating day with extended family or friends
 Take a drive through a local holiday light show
 Write or record a year in review
 Have a cookie baking day and do an exchange with other moms
 Write a letter to your child about what you wish for them in the coming year
 Donate to a charity or family in need through a local church

We hope you enjoy some of these ideas and start a family tradition to last for years!