Best White Noise to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

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A good night’s sleep can set the tone for the following day, but it can be hard to come by during the newborn stage. Many parents know the value of a “ssshhhhh” sound for calming a fussy infant. This is because this sound mimics the calming rhythm of the ambient noise a baby experiences in the womb. White noise can help them adjust to the sounds of the world around them by providing a familiar calm rhythm that covers distractions such as the sound of your neighbor’s yard work or loud music from a passing vehicle. You can add white noise such as shushing sounds, a fan, or ocean waves to your baby’s sleep routine to help them fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. In this article, we discuss some of the best white noise options on the market for better sleep for your baby and yourself.

White noise apps

White Noise Lite – by TMSOFT (Free)

Many of our Bella Baby photographers love this free app and use it frequently during their photoshoots to help our newborn subjects sleep peacefully throughout outfit changes and posing. Sleep Foundation recommended it as one of the best white noise apps in 2022. White Noise Lite offers 50 sounds and allows you to create your own mix of sounds. Plus, you can record sounds so your baby can sleep with the comforting sound of your voice. White Noise Light comes with timers and alarms that fade in for gentle waking, plus you can continue to use other apps while your white noise plays in the background. This app is available for Android and iOS.

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds – by Slumber Studios (Free, upgrades available)

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds is a free app with a selection of sounds including fans, rain, and womb sounds. This app allows users to control autoplay, background audio, fade out, and timer duration settings. You can set the timer for up to 12 hours or turn on continuous play. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds allows free users to create 1 sound mix with a maximum of 2 sounds. You can upgrade to a premium account for access to over 200 sounds and the ability to create additional mixes. App users receive a free 7-day trial of premium. Premium subscriptions come with 3 options: $1.99/week, $5.99/month, or $39.99/year. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds is available for Android and iOS.

Baby Shusher app – by Shusher ($4.99 Apple App Store & Google Play Store)

The Baby Shusher App was developed by the makers of Baby Shusher – The Sleep Miracle Sound Machine. Like the Shusher Machine, The Baby Shusher app only has one sound option, but it comes with a timer allowing you to set the app for just 15 minutes or up to a full 8 hours. The app also comes with an auto-volume adjustment feature that users can turn on or off. The auto-adjustment feature will “listen” every three minutes and automatically change the shushing volume based on whether your baby is crying or quiet. This app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Sound machines

Looking for a portable option that you can tuck into your baby’s stroller or leave on in their nursery overnight? The Bump compiled a list of the top things to look for in a sound machine for your family including sound options, continuous sound, volume control, and portability. We look at some of their recommendations below. Interested in more options? Check out the rest of The Bump article 10 Best Baby Noise Machines to Soothe Your Little One.

A newborn baby yawning in a bassinet

Hatch Rest Smart Sound Machine – $69.99 (,

The Hatch Rest Smart Sound Machine has a dimmable clock and a built-in nightlight. This sound machine comes with 11 preset sounds and allows you to program your nighttime routine. However, the Hatch Rest does require an internet connection and the companion app to function. Since the app requires an internet connection, it is not the best of the available options if you are looking for portability in your sound machine.

BabyShusher – $34.99 (,

The Baby Shusher mimics human noises to soothe your infant. The device has multiple timer and volume settings, however, this noise machine only offers one sound. It is lightweight and easy to pack in a diaper bag for shushing on the go. This white noise machine is battery-operated, so be sure to have spare batteries on hand just in case.

Munchkin Shhh Portable Soothing Sound and Light Machine – $20.99 (,

The Munchkin Shhh Portable Soothing Sound and Light Machine offers three sound options and doubles as a nightlight. This sound machine is both portable and more affordable than some of the other options on The Bump’s list. It requires batteries to operate, but has simple controls and comes with a 10-, 20-, and 30-minute timer option.

Babies’ sleep schedules will vary for many reasons. While white noise apps and machines are excellent tools to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer, we recognize that this may not work for all families. Please remember to be kind to yourself if your infant’s sleep schedule is not as regulated as you would like it to be! Try different apps or if you feel comfortable, share your challenges with a trusted friend, family member, or your child’s doctor for other advice to help you overcome the sleepless stages.

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