September 2010 Photographer Contest

September 2010 Bella Life 1st place image, photographed by Kimberli Nelson of Chicago, Il. Mom and dad standing, looking down at their young daughter. Mom is wearing pants and a black top and dad is wearing slacks and a grey blazer. The parents have an arm around each other and they are leaning together. The young girl is wearing a yellow and white dress and is holding onto her mom's pants as she stands. The family is in a park in front of trees with long leaves reaching nearly to the grass.

Congratulations to Kimberli Nelson (Chicago) on winning first place in Bella Life’s September Photographer Contest! She captured this moment in true Bella Baby style.


Infant laying on it's stomach wearing just a diaper. The infant's chin rests on the family dog's bended leg. The dog lays with it's other front paw outstretched and is looking down at the infant so the dog's nose touches the top of the infant's head. The pair lay on a wooden floor. Photographer Jasmine Lopez received 2nd prize in September 2010 for this image.

Not just man’s best friend… he’s particularly fond of babies too! Congratulations, Jasmine Lopez (Chicago), on winning second place! Beautiful work.


An infant photographed from the waist up, with a parent's hand covering most of the infant's chest as the parent supports the baby. The parent's thumb and forefinger rest on the baby's shoulders on either side of the head, and the remaining fingers rest under one of the infant's arms.The infant is not wearing clothes and has their blue eyes open. The infant's mouth is slightly open.

Our honorable mention for September goes to Melissa Naldzin (Pennsylvania). We had to share this sharp and nicely lit photo!


A close up of a mother holding her newborn baby. The mom's shoulder and a portion of her upper back faces the camera, her hospital gown is slightly fallen from her shoulder. The baby is chest-to-chest with it's mother, and the newborn's arm rests on its mother's shoulder. The baby's chin rests on its hand. The baby's mouth eyes are closed, but the mouth is slightly open. The newborn's other hand rests on its mother's shoulder, but the rest of the baby's arm is out of the frame. The 1st place image was photographed by Nicole Goodenow of Iowa.

Now on to Bella Baby… our first place winner is Nicole Goodenow (Iowa). This photo is perfectly exposed and absolutely gorgeous!


Newborn baby laying on a pillow in a large wicker basket. The baby's older brother leans in from the right side of the image and gently kisses the sleeping newborn's cheek.

Capturing a moment (that is more difficult than it seems) is our second place photographer, Melissa Gale (Washington).


A close up of a newborn baby laying on its stomach and lifting its head. A mother and her young daughters sitting in a hospital bed. The oldest daughter is holding her newborn sibling, and the mother is holding her second daughter. A man and woman looking at their newborn baby. The man and woman face toward the photographer. The baby's feet rest on the man's torso so the baby's face is toward its parents. The baby's head lies in the man's hand, and the woman's hand overlaps the man's.

Two young children stand facing a bed and looking at the camera. One child's hand rests on the edge of the bed. An adult stands behind the children, but only their torso is in the frame so the adult's identity is unknown. In the foreground is a newborn baby wrapped in a white blanket with its head turned toward the camera.

September brought in a lot of honorable mentions! [top left to right] Virginia Harold (Missouri), Rose Kasinecz (Chicag0), Leah Brewer (Pennsylvania); [bottom] Kimberli Nelson (Chicago)

First place winners receive a $75 gift card and second place winners receive a $50 gift card. 

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