The Big Reveal: Eight of Our Favorite Gender Reveals

Baby bump painting. Labor pain simulation for dads-to-be. Eating your placenta. Pregnancy trends come and go, but the gender reveal looks like it’s here to stay! Gender reveals from both friends and celebrities are filling up our social media feeds. They range from sweet to hilarious to over-the-top to completely cringeworthy.

Gender reveals offer another opportunity to pause and celebrate the fact that you are bringing a new life into the world. The idea of sharing that joy with others is appealing to some and a little off-putting to others. Thankfully, you can structure a gender reveal so that it suits you and your partner’s preferences. We don’t have all the answers, but these questions will help spark a conversation between you and your partner.

Is this a trend you want to participate in?

There are enough hard and fast rules when it comes to pregnancy. Don’t subject yourself to a gender reveal just because it’s trending. You lose the joy of the moment when it’s forced. It’s okay to opt out.

Do you want a public or a private moment?

Not everyone likes surprises. While the gender reveal will always have an element of surprise, you can decide whether to share that initial moment with others. Some couples choose to view the results first rather than learn the news with their loved ones during the public gender reveal. Other choose to do a festive reveal just for the two of them.

How do you want to share the news?

It’s never been easier to spread the word to loved ones near and far. Consider your options. Will you host a gender reveal party? Will you share a video or post a photo? Maybe you’ll do a combination of all three. It helps to think about the medium as you plan your ideal gender reveal.

We’ve gathered our favorite gender reveal ideas for expectant parents

The ideas are divided into engaging in-person activities and eye-catching photo ops. See the ideas below and take your pick.

In-person activities:


The cake is the classic gender reveal instrument. It’s perfect for parents who want to be surprised along with family and friends. Give the envelope to a trusted bakery, and you’re ready for a sweet surprise. There are variations of the cake reveal ranging from dyeing the inside of the cake blue or pink to having colored candy pour out of the cake when cut.

The Big Reveal: Eight of Our Favorite Gender Reveals


Get all of your guests excited with a gender reveal piñata. The suspense builds as each person takes a turn. Fill the piñata with candy, confetti, or a mix of both to create a festive celebration when the piñata finally bursts.

Scratch off

The gender of your little one is really up to chance. Why not play with that idea? Take bets from family and friends on whether your new baby will be a boy or a girl. Then hand out scratch offs and let everyone discover the news together.

Silly string

This one is for families who aren’t afraid to get a little messy. Buy cans of blue or pink silly string. Then cover up the label. Crank up some celebratory tunes, and have all your loved ones shoot the strings at the same time. Nothing highlights good news like a burst of silly string!

Photo Opportunities:


Nothing brings out your inner child like blowing a gigantic bubble. Buy a pack of gum in the right color, and snap a photo of you and your partner blowing the biggest bubble possible. (You might want to use a few pieces of gum for maximum wow factor.) Then share the shot, and the news, with your favorite people!

Powder or smoke

There’s a reason why colored powders and smoke bombs are so trendy. The hues look amazing on camera, and the process of getting the photo is an all around good time. Take this opportunity to share a carefree bonding moment with your partner in the midst of the busyness of pregnancy.

Sign or banner

This classic gender reveal will never go out of style. It’s easy to make a sign or banner that fits your family’s style. Whether you write a punny note, a heartfelt message, or a simple “coming soon”, your loved ones will get the message as if they were hearing it directly from you.

Holding baby shoes

The baby shoe photo is a visual representation of the new family. Buy an adorable pair of shoes, and have the members of your family hold them together. Include your other children, and even your pets, to create a true keepsake.

The gender reveal is an opportunity  to celebrate your new baby with the people you love most. Be sure to make it your own! Share your gender reveal stories, ideas, and advice in the comments below.